Hot Stone Massage in Ghatkopar Mumbai

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Hot Stone Massage

When you think about massage therapy, what kind of massage comes to mind? Swedish massage, probably? What about a hot stone massage? It might not be the first thing that comes to your mind, but it should be. A Iconic Thai Spa professional wants to share with you why some hot stone massage therapy benefits.

Nowadays, hot stone massage therapy is a form of massage therapy that uses heated stones to target specific locations. A Thrive Wellness Omaha massage specialist will lay the hot stones on specific points and even hold these hot stones while giving a massage. The heat from the stones helps relax the body’s muscles and relieve tension in them. 

Typical places where the stones will be placed: 

  • Along your spine

  • Stomach 

  • Chest 

  • Face

  • Palms 

  • Feet and toes 

Hot Stone Massage in Ghatkopar Mumbai